Disciple Making

INSTRUCTOR:   Greg Musselman, M.Div., B.A.


Greg MusselmanJesus left his disciples with the instruction to “go and make disciples”. They were to carry on the work of the Father with this one strategy. It was the same strategy Jesus had modeled and trained them in during his ministry, an intentional, Spirit dependent, relational, sanctifying and multiplicative method. Ever since Jesus gave this instruction the church has been engaged in seeking to fulfill this mandate. In this course we will examine Jesus’ purpose for discipleship, the pattern and principles He left to be repeated, the application of these in the ministry of Paul and the early church and the ever growing present day discipleship models. As well students will participate in and reflect on being a discipler, identify their personal discipleship progress in light of Jesus’ discipleship pattern, and form an approach to making disciples for their specific church or ministry context.