What is Pathways?

Pathways School of Ministry exists to raise up and equip leaders for vocational ministry in the Christian and Missionary Alliance. The program consists of 10 modules broken out into 7 academic modules and 3 field placement modules.  These modules can be taken at either the graduate, or undergraduate levels.

Courses taken at the graduate level are delivered in partnership with McMaster Divinity College, and completion of the Pathways program provides the student with a Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies from MDC. Students can apply this Graduate Certificate towards one year of a Graduate Masters degree at MDC.

Pathways undergraduate program is offered in partnership with Emmanuel Bible College. Students completing the Pathways undergraduate program will receive an Undergraduate Certificate in Ministry. Students will receive advanced standing towards credits which can be applied towards an undergraduate degree at Emmanuel.

Do I need to be certain of my calling before I apply to Pathways?

Pathways is for individuals who feel called by God towards vocational ministry. Students do not need to have a clear understanding of what type of ministry God is calling them into, we are here to come alongside you in that discernment process. The three semesters of Field Education can be used to gain exposure to a few different areas of ministry to help you with your discernment.

What is involved in the academic modules?

The seven academic modules are spread over the course of an academic year (3 semesters).  Modules are delivered utilizing a combination of intensive in-class time, on-line discussion, and distance learning. In class sessions take place at our District Ministry Centre in Burlington. See the program schedule on the About page for dates. Instructors are chosen from our Alliance family of pastors who have deep passion for the topic they are teaching. Instructors include a variety of opportunities in their teaching, including field trips, worship, prayer and guest speakers such as Alliance International Workers.

What is involved in the Field Education modules?

Our field education modules include an apprenticeship placement in an Alliance ministry setting where students focus on the area(s) of ministry they feel called to. Ministry settings can include placement in a church, new venture, or in a national or international mission field* with existing Alliance International Workers.

Students are set up with a Site Coach and a Ministry Coach. Site Coaches have the responsibility of overseeing the students’ ministry involvement at the ground level, whereas Ministry Coaches are mentors who provide the students with coaching and opportunities to reflect on their specific area of ministry.

*In partnership with Envision Canada. Extra costs above that of tuition are involved.

What if I am already a licensed worker employed in an Alliance church?  Can I still become a Pathways student?

Yes! Licensed workers will conduct their Field Education modules at the church they are presently employed at and in their present role. We encourage that Ministry Coaches are selected from outside their church who can provide a development to the student in another area of ministry.

Can I audit the Pathways program?

Yes, you can choose to audit the academic modules of Pathways. Audit students are not eligible for the Field Education modules. Audit students are still expected to read the required texts in order to be able to actively participate in discussion and to ensure the student is getting the most benefit of learning from the course. Audit students are required to write a reflection paper outlining their personal reflection and development on the subject matter, and how the course impacted how the student approaches ministry in their own ministry context.

How long is the Pathways program?

Pathways can be taken over the duration of one to three years. We strongly encourage students who are involved in full-time employment to spread the Pathways program out over two or three years in order to maintain a balance of schooling, ministry, work, and home life.

How & when do I apply?

Applications are made through the online application form on the website. Application deadlines for fall and winter starts will be listed on the website.

Okay, I applied, now what?

You will be contacted by our Academic Coordinator to schedule a time for you to meet with our Pathways team for an interview. Interviews are a time for us to learn more about your Christian walk, the area(s) of ministry you feel God is calling you towards, and to help discern together with you whether Pathways is right for you.

I still have more questions. Who do I contact?

Please connect with Carrie McFarland, Academic Coordinator for Pathways at 905-639-9615 or by email at mcfarlandc@cmaccd.com.