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2018.19 Program Schedule

Need to Add or Drop a Course?

Students are to use this form to either add a course mid-year to their initial registration, or to drop a course they are already registered for. Please see the 2018-2019 Pathways Tuition-Fee Schedule and Policy for details surrounding the dropping of courses.


A lunch plan and accommodations for the weeks in class can be arranged through The Guest House, which is owned and operated by the Central Canadian District, by filling out and submitting this online form.

The lunch plan covers lunch for each fully day of in-class instruction taking place at the DMC. The Guest House is not able to cater to food allergies or special diets at this time; however, a fridge & microwave are available for use by students bringing their own food.

The accommodation plan covers overnight accommodations and a cold breakfast bar. Shared rooms are limited and will be assigned on a lottery system for those who requested them and are subject to assignment with an appropriate roommate.

Students will be invoiced by the Central Canadian District according to the fees outlined in the form.

Cancellations of either the Lunch or Accommodation Plan must be made in writing to Karen Harbridge at least 14 days prior to participantion in the plan, to be considered for a full or partial refund.

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